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Checking on the bees in their new yard

Another gorgeous Texas fall weekend means we get to spend most of it outside, usually with the bees. We went out to Capote Bee Yard to check on the bees and found them settling into their new digs quite well. As a matter of fact, two of the five hives had a first flight session going on and that is always cool to watch. Remember, that’s when some of the new bees take flight for the first time ever and they just hover near the entrance – sort of like a practice run before the real adventures begin away from the hive.

The bees have some friendly and inquisitive neighbors now! Check out these two llamas in the field next to the property we are on. There’s a fence separating them from the bees but even if they were in the same field, it would likely not be a real problem. We have never had any issues at any of our other six bee yards and the animals on those properties – everything from horses and cows to chickens, ducks and wild hogs. Oh, and sometime a coyote and fox.



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Today was so lovely we drove to Gonzales to visit the bees even though we didn’t really need to check on them just yet. 🙂 The perfect weather was too gorgeous to waste indoors. Besides, we love being out in the country with them because it’s so quiet, you can hear the nice hum of the happy bees and that’s pretty amazing and relaxing.

The hives were busy and doing really well out there. The video is of at least one hive, possibly two, with a first flight in progress when we got there. That’s when new bees take flight for the first time and they linger at the front of their home, not flying off just yet to seek food. Just a practice flight I learned. I love to watch their first flights; it’s truly amazing to learn all the things they go through in their lifespan – which is so short compared to ours!

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