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Gonzales Yaupon with bee

Today Mark was a busy beekeeper – he visited four bee yards and restocked at Ta’s Coffee in Marion. Phew. And it got pretty warm today out there. I saw that tomorrow will be in the mid-90s already. Feels like summer! I need a pool. Luckily the bees seem to be well and picking up a bit of steam as they crank up the honey making activities. Made Mark very happy to see most of them progressing appropriately.

These are a couple of shots Mark snapped while at the Gonzales Bee Yard. This is a Yaupon plant and it is native to Texas. It has a sweet scent to it and the bees love it. We think it’s the key ingredient that gave the Gonzales Wildflower Honey that distinctive taste that we all liked so much. You could definitely taste a difference between last year’s Wildflower honeys from Guadalupe and Gonzales counties. We don’t see many Yaupons here in Guadalupe County, where we live, but I wish we did. I love the delicate flowers and it’s fun when we get to see the Yaupons in Gonzales. You can stand under or in front of the Yaupon and if you just watch and listen, you’ll see and hear the bees all over it. Very fun to watch them working the blooms. We did that last year I recall and I look forward to another opportunity soon to visit Gonzales with Mark.

Yaupon in Gonzales bee yard


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