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Mark and JW Marriott chefs in SA

Today Mark went to check the Marriott bees and is very pleased with how they are doing overall. He’ll have to requeen one of the five hives as it has lost its queen for some reason. All the other hives are doing quite well – actually better than we thought they might be at this point. Three of the hives had queens laying up into a second box already and they are all drawing out their frames nicely. Good job, bees. The above shot is the first group of chefs that went with Mark and Bethany a few trips ago. We gifted each chef with a jar of Huajilla honey so they can see how great the honey tastes. Wait until they taste the honey straight from the frames. 🙂

One of the nicest things we’ve been thrilled with is the full engagement on the part of the staff – a couple of the chefs have even purchased their own gear in order to check the bees with Mark when he’s there. That is awesome! During the last two visits, Mark was joined by Ryan (Executive Chef), Steve (Banquet Chef), Brett (Executive Sous Chef) and Bethany (Culinary Gardener). We love it that the chefs are so interested in their hives and want to learn. Each chef had their own hive to go through and Mark provided guidance as they checked the frames looking for signs of how the girls are doing (are queens laying, how does the brood look, where is the queen, are there any potential problems, etc.) and then fed each hive. The shot below is of Chef Ryan as he checked a hive – gorgeous frame shot. I can’t wait to visit the yard again with Mark.

Bees at Marriott

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