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Rattlesnake yard harvest

“It’s a LOT of honey.” This is what I have heard Mark say about 23 times in the last month and it tickles me each time because I think of the shortage last year and how so many people didn’t even get any honey out of their hives. This year is so totally opposite and it’s wonderful. Everything is thriving and abundant – from rain to fields to animals to us. Isn’t it great?

I went with Mark, David and Ira to one bee yard this morning and then I fixed them lunch while they unloaded the load they hauled in just from Rattlesnake – and amazing 1000 pounds (estimate)! And it sure does taste good. Here’s the honey house after the men brought back supers from Big Oaks and Nash Creek bee yards. We are loaded and we hope the floor withstands all the weight! Seriously.

Stacks and stacks of honey

Here’s a look at some of the frames in the 20-frame extractor this evening. I was too hot and sticky to want to get in a bee suit or other protective gear so I would pop in and out of the honey house to check on progress and to snap a few pictures. There wasn’t a lot of room in there so I didn’t want to stay too long for several reasons but mainly because I didn’t want to be in the way of either beekeeping crew or bees. Once a little one landed on the back of my neck, I was out of there and back inside to listen/watch the Spurs lose (again in OK) and to edit and load my hundred or so pictures. I am so happy I got to tag along to Rattlesnake this morning – best

Honey frames in extractor 2

And most of all, I go out to check on my beekeeper because I miss him when we aren’t together. Love to see him so happy. 🙂

A tired but happy beekeeper

If you would like to see my full set of photos from this year’s harvesting event, you can visit our Flickr set for 2012 Honey & Harvest. I will continue to add pictures as we proceed with harvesting the rest of our yards.

Next up – the MESQUITE is blooming so you know what that means! My favorite honey hopefully!


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