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Street artist

Hope today’s going well so far for everyone. It’s a somber day in our history but it’s also an chance for me to stop and think about so many blessings we have, so many freedoms and choices and opportunities here in our great country.

We’ve made many trips to the New York area to see Mark’s family when they lived up there. We always enjoyed going into the City to sightsee and for Mark to do some research on his ballplayer, Smokey Joe Williams. It’s a really special place up there and our hearts are with all who have been personally impacted by what happened twelve years ago. But when you think about it, who can say they honestly haven’t felt impacted in some way by that great loss? I am trying to focus some positive energy into thinking about how our country came together during that time and I hope and pray that I see that again, without a tragedy to bring it about. Wouldn’t that be amazing? These are just a couple of my favorite images from a past trip to NY City.

Per my beekeeper: "Bees are NOT freelancers."

Not that this is as important when you put it in perspective, but we must carry on with work and life, right? So here’s some news from the beeworld – we are still waiting on UPS Freight to get us our special order jars for the creamed honey. But at least the USPS came through today and got us the Olivarez queens we order the other day.

Awfully quiet in there

Mark’s already got them checked in at the Queen Bank Hotel. That man is a busy bee for sure!

Olivarez queens in the bank


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