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Observation hive

Well, here she is – our new observation hive! We are SO excited about this new purchase because it means we’ll be able to take some bees with us to any shows we do in future. Actually, we have the Seguin Trade Show coming up next month (once we definitely firm up the show, we’ll post the details), so we are going to introduce the bees to our customers in a safe and really cool way. We’re hoping it will also draw the curious over to the stand. 🙂 This is from Brushy Mountain out of North Carolina (can’t go wrong there); they have really nice products. I got Mark a very cool smoker from there for Christmas. Below is a shot of Mark preparing to place a frame of bees into the glass slot, where it will easy to observe the bees as they go about their activities.

Placing a frame of bees

The bottom is a nucleus hive where Mark will place four additional frames of bees in there. The queen will be in the glass part and all her bees will be able to move up and down to tend to her as well as the brood in the other frames. In this way, we hope to have a good amount of activity going on and then we’ll be able to educate people who stop by to check out the bees. We are really excited adn can’t wait to see what the response will be. We’ll keep you posted.

Observation hive

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Mill Creek Bee Yard

I was so happy today that I finally got to accompany Mark for two bee yard visits. I have not had a chance to visit lately since Mark checks them on weekdays typically, while I’m at work. Above is my favorite shot from today of Mill Creek. The bees here are doing really well and we have five hives right now. Lovely, lovely area – I got tons of pictures today. However, handling the new, heavier camera with gloves proved to be cumbersome and slightly painful. The gloves came off not too long into our time there. Luckily, the bees are so gentle and I didn’t stay too close or too long in their way.

Pizza Bee Yard

Our second visit was to the Pizza Yard out in Gonzales. Gosh, I just love the drive out there – it’s so pretty, even when it’s not as green as it was in the spring. 🙂 The bees out there were also doing well and we were really happy about that! We had a couple of hives where we spotted queen cells so I got some neat shots and we’ll post about that this coming week.

If you want to see the our full sets of Flickr pictures from today, then check out these links –

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