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Another Sign of Spring

Gift Garden Plants

Today Mark went to look at another potential bee yard and met some really nice people (as usual, I wish I was with him!). Look what they gifted to him for our garden, which we were just planning out this weekend since spring is about here! We have the beginnings of a lovely garden and I can’t wait to get the land ready for these. There’s basil, borage and eggplant. I’m excited to see them grow and super excited to look for an eggplant recipe for this summer. I love eggplant but I’ve never cooked it myself. My current favorite dish is a garlic eggplant with veggies at a nearby Thai restaurant. Maybe they’ll give me the recipe. 🙂

There are so many wonderful things about our bee business but the very best is meeting awesome people and making new friends. Thank you, everyone, for being such great supporters of us and our bees. We really appreciate all of you. Goodnight.

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Horsemint is also sometimes called beebalm I learned and now it’s starting to bloom in our area. It’s such a lovely flower and we’ve seen white and purple in the past, although last year we saw next to nothing of it due to the drought and heat. This year looks like it will be much better as we saw plenty of the white ones in the fields and along the country roads we were cruising tonight. The bees love horsemint and it’ll make great tasting honey I’m sure. I shot these at the bee yard at My Father’s Farm as Mark was checking on that seventh swarm he just posted about – guess what? They are ALL GONE! Not a single one in the hive. Weird. It confirmed for Mark his hunch that they were Africanized. Well, I hope they are happy wherever they land and that they don’t bother anybody.

In bloom at My Father's Farm bee yard

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