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Fall hours at the Pearl starting Sept. 1

We are all loaded up and packed for the Pearl tomorrow. Just a reminder that we are working 9-1p now that it’s the first market in September. I like to think of it as a kickoff to the fall season. I’m delusional because it’s still in the upper 90s for a while here in South Texas but a girl can hope and dream, right? 🙂 It’s always nice to be able to load up the truck the night before since we leave home around 6:15a. The hour later start tomorrow means another hour of sleep! Yay for sleep!

Weather and moon update: The weatherman just said we hit 99F degrees today. Sizzling. And it’s a blue moon tonight. I love the moon.

Loading up for market

Today was Mark’s last day with the City of SA – the beekeeper is BACK! We have missed him here in Seguin full time so we are super happy. And by we, I mean me, Smokey and our busy bees. We still have that one bee yard left to extract and supers to tend to and hives to split and candles to make and on and on. Welcome home my favorite, favorite beekeeper!

And in case you aren’t on Facebook, here’s a shot of tomorrow’s royalty at market. Can you spot her? We weren’t sure we’d be able to get an observation hive together since we got a surprise shower around 5:00 p.m. today! Totally took us by surprise but it was welcome, for sure.

A queen at Deadman Creek bee yard

And finally, a gorgeous sky and sunset kicked off our holiday weekend together. We hope you have a wonderful break the next few days!

Sunset over the Lazy U Ranch


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