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Today we drove about an hour and a half south to Frio County to visit with a friend from one of our bee classes. We got to go through and to places name Bigfoot and Kyote and Devine. Awesome names, right? I love exploring new places with Mark; it’s always an adventure. We went to talk bees with Mike and to get a tour of a big piece of property he has in the Devine area down in Frio County. There are a lot of bees and beekeepers down in that area and that means a lot of great honey. If you haven’t tried Huajilla from down there, then you are really missing out. Anyhow, Mike has a wonderful “side hobby/passion” he enjoys when he’s not working on his other gazillion projects…farming. 🙂 And boy, is his farming something else. We had a blast just seeing what he is currently growing down in Frio and what his plans are in future. Neither Mark nor I could get over how wonderful the heritage broccoli tasted straight off the stem. As you can tell the bees love it also. They were on it pretty good while we were there. The picture below is of one of the broccolis going to seed. It’s amazing to us that some people, and especially young folks, may not have ever seen where broccoli comes from (plant wise) so here’s a picture.

I also have some other great farm shots on Flickr if you’d like to see other vegetables we saw today. I didn’t want to make this post a photo collage but I could very easily. I love shooting vegetables. And sometimes I shoot other shots, too, for fun. So here’s one I liked from today – me and my beekeeper. Well, our shadows actually. Y’all have a great Sunday!

Me & the Beekeeper


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